About iLoveModesty

Our Story
iLoveModesty was founded in 2008 in order to create an online clothing boutique that would fill the void that existed in the Canadian clothing market where it was difficult to find women's clothing that was modest and, at the same time, fashionable.

Lack of suitable modest clothing for women in the mainstream marketplace was what prompted us to envisage an online clothing store that would cater for the needs of modern women who want to dress modestly without being singled out for wearing something out of style.

iLoveModesty has a business aspect to it - we need to have a viable business to stay afloat. The other side to iLoveModesty is to promote modesty in the face of increasing immodesty in the mainstream and social media.
The Brand
iLoveModesty is where style and modesty converge. Our brand is based on four precepts: modest clothing that provides adequate coverage, attractive styling, quality and innovation. We work hard to make sure our products are in line with the current fashion standards. Our customers are women who look for quality clothing that's stylish, modest and affordable. We enjoy a diverse customer base. Our products are not just limited to any one culture or faith.
Design Philosophy
At iLoveModesty, we follow two guiding design rules. First, the clothes must provide adequate coverage, and second, they must also follow modern fashion trends. Our designs are seen as a convergence of the East and the West, and the modern and the traditional. As our brand has gained more popularity and with a diverse customer base, we keep a close eye on the latest fashion trends. Our designs blend those fashion trends with colours, materials and design elements borrowed from a variety of sources from around the world. Our designs represent particularly the Muslim culture in a modern setting.
Our Goal
Our goal is to offer fashionable modest clothing for women which they can order from the comfort of their homes. We endeavour to redefine modest clothing so it is no longer viewed as being outdated or out of place.